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    Points of Interest in the World of Employment - Career Coaching (Pt. 1)
by Amanda Guralski and Lynn Molitor - Feb, 2012
Everyone can use some help navigating the challenges of today's job market while also trying to develop a satisfying career along the way. A career coach can equip you with career management tools and techniques that you need to do just that. This episode will highlight what a career coach is and how you can benefit from a career coach whether you are a recent college grad, a new hire in corporate America, an experienced indi...
  Can’t Find A Job...Now What?
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
After four or five years, you have accomplished the big prize—your college degree! Graduation—a day in your life that you have looked forward to since you started your post-secondary education. As you relish the idea of no more studying, no more tests and most importantly no more homework you wonder . . . what’s next? If you are part of the select few that have a career position lined up already, you already know the satisfact...
  Questions To Ask At The End of The Interview
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
You’ve impressed with your resume and here you sit with the interviewer. You’re nearing the end of the interview. You start reflecting on how well the conversation flowed, the great answers you gave to the questions, and you’re thinking, I totally am perfect for this position! Then the interviewer asks whether you have any questions. This is your moment so seize it! Finish strong. Even though your pulse is racing and you fe...
  The Beauty With The Briefcase
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
Back when I was in college, I fully subscribed to the philosophy of one Ani DiFranco, patron saint of angst-filled young women. One of her songs, “32 Flavors”, rang profoundly true for me, especially this verse: God help you if you are an ugly girl/’Course too pretty is also your doom/’Cause everyone harbors a secret resentment/for the prettiest girl in the room... Isn’t that the truth? As women, we just can’t win. If we...
  Unforgettable Hires – Tattletales From The Principal
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Stories too unbelievable to be true, too entertaining to miss! “You don’t know what you got until you got it!” I want you to imagine a feminine (and pretty) version of Marlon Brando playing the Godfather. She was a Maltese nun who wore black kneesocks under the long skirt of her habit and she hired me to teach English at a Catholic high school in 1976—after I insisted on having her interview me. Originally when I spo...
  Facial Piercings
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Look around you. How many people have some kind of in-your-face piercing? No, I’m not talking about the girl across from you with her cartilage pierced. How many have their nose pierced? What about tongue? Eyebrow? Lip? Septum? What are the odds the new bizgal will have a lip ring? Have facial piercings become an acceptable concession for employers? That all-important first impression “I don’t think I would say that emp...
  The Interview – The Nitty Gritty – Now You Know!
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
It’s an hour after your interview and you’re still obsessing about what you should have said, what you did say, and what perhaps you never should have said. As we hit rewind and replay the interview, let’s rehash the interview process. Let’s start at the very beginning...When we asked my middle daughter what she did in kindergarten, she always began with “first, I hung up my coat...” and then we heard her very imaginative play...
  Resolution: No Longer The Office Pushover!
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Being too sweet may get you stung! “No.” Yeah, it’s a simple word, with just two letters and a lack of preconceived connotations. Yet, many business professionals fear letting this slip from their tongues, thus resulting in a permanent black mark on their record. Despite the desire to decline another’s work, most lack the verbiage and/or knowhow. As many in pursuit of career advancement can attest, this can be one of the...
  How Do I Get Noticed at a Job Fair?
by Amanda Guralski - May, 2010
Question: How do I get noticed at a job fair? Answer: Job fairs can sometime seem overwhelming and tiresome and soon you begin to doubt whether you’ll ever be noticed. As you check out your competition, you realize that you’re seeing cookie-cutter images of you! Lots of black suits–so much so that you begin to wonder whether the recruiters can even begin to tell you apart! If everyone’s hearing the same advice on how to dr...
  The Interview of The Future Is Here Now
by Amanda Guralski - Apr, 2010
Nothing is more important than the impression you give in a face-to-face interview. Recruiters and Hiring Managers can learn a lot about a candidate over the phone, but it is the face-to-face interview that will make or break your opportunity to receive an offer from the company you are interviewing with. We are in a new wave of interviewing. Ten years ago we would not have imagined substituting an in person interview with loo...
  Turning That Tweet Into a Job? Social Media – Hot Career!
by Amanda Guralski - Apr, 2010
Innately money-hungry Americans stuck in a recession can only hope for one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs. With so many companies cutting back or closing down, we can’t help but wonder what the future of the job market will be. Fortunately, if you’re in the healthcare field, customer service or the food industry, things are looking “up”. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, these are projected to be the largest growing job...
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