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  Leaving Your Corporate Job With No Risk
by Annemarie Segaric - Sep, 2009
I know you're sitting there telling yourself you would leave behind the rigid corporate world if you knew for sure you'd succeed at whatever you do next. And by succeed you mean make all the money you want to make, be happy, and have no regrets. Well I really want you to know that you will never know that for sure. It is not possible to leave where you are now and pursue what your heart desires without there being s...
  When Everyone Else Thinks You're Crazy
by Annemarie Segaric - Sep, 2009
You finally make your decision. You're going to go for it. You're going for the dream. You're opening the restaurant you always dreamed of having. You're pursuing your passion for art and design. You're going freelance and finally leaving the world of 9-5. You're taking your "side business" and investing in it to make it your full-time business. You're taking a sabbatical from your "good job" and are not sure what yo...
  Clean Out Your Closet and Find a New Career
by Annemarie Segaric - Aug, 2009
Whether you've just made the decision that it's time to switch jobs or you've been hard at work at your career transition, it always makes sense to examine your personal foundation and how it is being deteriorated by energy drains. Your personal foundation is the base upon which all changes you make in your life will sit. Energy drains are things in your life you're putting up with. The more energy drains you have, the weak...
  How To Change Careers and Still Pay the Bills - 5 Key Steps
by Annemarie Segaric - Aug, 2009
Studies show that more than 50% of people are unhappy in their jobs yet few will actually make a career change. Why? Most people let fear stop them yet successful career changers know that fear is simply a sign that you are headed in the right direction! Follow the 5 key steps that successful career changers actually take to overcome their fears and make a sustainable change. 1. Plug the Leaks While you may be focused...
  Six Ways to Make Your Career Change Easier
by Annemarie Segaric - Aug, 2009
Despite what your grandmother told you, life is not supposed to be a struggle. The same is true for making a career change. This doesn't mean you won't work hard to get the job of your dreams. We often forget that we can make things easier on ourselves so that the transition is not painful! Do these six things and you'll notice a huge difference right away. 1. Take your dream job for a test drive. Get a part-time job doing...
  There's No Such Thing As Work Life Balance
by Annemarie Segaric - Aug, 2009
Have you ever seen those acrobats balance themselves one on top of the other? How long do we expect them to stay balanced like that? Not very long, right? We think it's amazing if they last just a few seconds! Why then do we think we should be able to stay in a constant state of balance? They're EXPERTS at balancing and they only do it for moments at a time. Maybe it’s time we came up with some new expectations and drop this “...
  Your Life's Purpose
by Annemarie Segaric - Aug, 2009
Take a Chance: We are told too often to go after the jobs with the "money, power, title, and status." And we do that. We get the great-paying job, the fantastic home, the latest gadgets, the stylish clothes. But what we don't get is the happiness, the sense of fulfillment, or the passion that makes us love what we do everyday. So instead, we work 50, 60, 70 hour or more weeks to pay for the home, gadgets, and clothing. In t...
  Unconventional Interview Advice
by Annemarie Segaric - Jul, 2009
Ok, so you have finally landed an interview with a top company for a great job. Now the nervous energy starts to flow in your realize you have to sit down with another human being, one-on-one, in a closed office, and prove to them that you are the perfect candidate for their job opening. Interviewing is known to be one of the most feared situations that we humans face – it’s up there with the fear of death! So,...
  Is It The Self-Doubt?
by Annemarie Segaric - Mar, 2009
Tell me something. What's really stopping you from moving your life and career in the direction you know it's supposed to head in? Are you meant to be in the job you're in? Is the life you have now the one you always dreamed of having? We can come up with every excuse in the book as to why we're not making our dreams come true... "This is not the time to take risks...I should just be happy I have a job." "I need...
  When Do You Just Give Up
by Annemarie Segaric - Feb, 2009
When do you quit? When do you say, "This is just not going to work," and then stop? When does it become too difficult and not worth the sacrifice? I'm sure you have wondered about this. I know I have. Everyone working toward a dream or desire wonders about this. Yes, even the most wildly successful people ask themselves this question. So how do you answer it? It depends on two things: 1. How badly you want...
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