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  Being Overqualified Shouldn't Be A Deal Breaker
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
With the economy in a holding pattern, the really great senior level jobs are few and far between. Many candidates will apply to a role that is below them only to find out they weren't chosen because they were overqualified. When you think about's ridiculous to think that you wouldn't get hired because you have too much experience! But it happens all the time. You can fight against this by understanding what a comp...
  Fear & Loathing in Job Search
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
The current state of the economy has driven some candidates away from the job boards and back to their current jobs. Now, of course, some level of hesitation here should be expected. However, don't let this get in the way of you finding your dream job because the opportunities are definitely still out there! Learn what is "fact" and what is just plain "fear" when it comes to looking for a new job in a tough market. Many pe...
  Keep your resume on a leash!
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
You want to increase your chances of being noticed...certainly. However, flooding the market with your resume is NOT the answer. Wallpapering the Internet with your credentials will typically make you look desperate. It also creates the impression that you are open to anything and aren't clear on what exactly you want. Plus, you will also have to deal with the headache of mismatched solicitations and referral confusion that co...
  Merci, Gracias, Arigato (in any language, "Thank You" works)
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
A good friend of mine in recruiting recently told me that one of his clients hired his candidate because of the Thank You note the candidate sent. So, yes, writing the perfect Thank You letter can have a big impact on your candidacy! Remember that no matter how much job search has changed over the years, good manners and sincerity never go out of style. A well-written thank you note goes a long way to demonstrate your profess...
  Surviving the Dreaded Phone Screen
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
They're impersonal, inconvenient and will drive you mad! But no matter how hard you try, you can't get away from the dreaded phone screen. Understand that almost all companies will make contact with you via the phone before considering you for an interview. So know what the employer's intentions are here and how to play this brief conversation to your fullest advantage. The first thing to recognize is that if a phone screen...
  What I am thankful for...
by Beth Gilfeather - Jan, 2009
When looking to make a move, almost all candidates understandibly focus on salary and other "surface" elements of the job (responsibilities, hours, commute, title, rank, etc..). While these are all very important, what about the other things that really matter in a job? Go through our list of "things to be thankful for" at work. If you have these things, you're lucky and I would suggest you reconsider looking for a new job. Ho...
  Flattery Will Get You NOwhere!
by Beth Gilfeather - Nov, 2008
A candidate advantage reader writes: "...I found the job of my dreams. But when I gave notice, my boss begged me to stay and gave me a big raise. I was dumbfounded and have to admit a bit flattered that they would go this much out of their way to keep me. I really want to take this counteroffer but have heard that this can be a bad move. What are your thoughts?" - Lara M. Dear Lara, As Johnny Mathis says well in his song,...
  Is A "Soft" Job Market An Excuse For Me?
by Beth Gilfeather - Nov, 2008
A candidate advantage readers writes... "After nine years at one company, my position was just eliminated in May . The current state of the job market coupled with my guarded approach about finding a good match is the primary reason for my current unemployment status. If I'm asked about my gap during the interview, should I refer to the current employment trends, or do you think this would be perceived as a "cop-out"? -...
  Resumes: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
by Beth Gilfeather - Nov, 2008
Just like with online want to put the best photo possible in your profile, right? Well resumes work the same way. Don't underestimate the importance of how you "look" (on paper) to an employer. Resumes are much more than just a mere prop. They need to quickly and clearly demonstrate why you are a match. Make sure yours passes the test! Resume Rules of Thumb: 1-Level of Detail (Be specific when you need to be...
  What Managers Really Want in an Interview
by Beth Gilfeather - Nov, 2008
While you may not have come right out and said it, you communicate a lot about yourself in how you respond to or ask certain questions. So pay attention to these unintentional little cues!...because managers are looking for some very specific character traits during the interview. Don't disappoint. What the manager is looking for: Humility What you give them: Grandstanding Don’t make things up or ever overstate you...
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