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  OMG, I Lost My Job!
by Cynthia Storrs - Jan, 2009
I know you are scared, I’ve been there. I know you wonder if you’ll ever feel safe again. Your self esteem may seem unrecoverable. You don’t know what to do next. You see your life stretched out in front of you all the way to the horizon and you have no idea what to do. Do any of these thoughts seem familiar to you? You may be in shock, you may be angry and feel that life isn’t fair, but I’m here to tell you this can l...
  Selling Diversity
by Cynthia Storrs - Oct, 2006
When you are looking for a job and you belong to a group that is not in” the majority,” you may wonder how to sell the value you bring to the prospective employer. You also need to know, deep inside, why your presence is so very critical to the success of that employer and any other employer you might consider. The very fact that you are not the majority is a key element to your value. Not because your ethnic group, sex, se...
  Finding the job you want, not just the one you can get…
by Cynthia Storrs - Mar, 2006
As a business and career coach, I have helped many people discover and succeed at finding a job that is satisfying, a job that could become a career, and a lifestyle. There is a lot of information out there on how to dress, how to do your resume effectively, how to interview successfully, etc. All those skills are very important to finding a job. Assuming you have mastered at least a few of these areas, let me add another aspe...
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