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  Is Your Boss Wrong About You?
by Debbie Brown - Apr, 2011
Performance reviews are supposed to be an objective evaluation of an employee's performance, based on measurable criteria. But how often does that happen? And how often does a job lend itself to actual objective metrics? Samual Culbert, a professor in the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, is the author of "Get Rid of the Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing-and Focus on What Rea...
  Career Planning in a Down Economy: Ten Ways to Recession Proof Your Career
by Debbie Brown - Jan, 2009
The recent financial crisis has challenged even those optimists who always see the glass as half full. Every day brings with it new challenges as we see the stock market dropping to levels we have not seen in years. Those of us who watch our retirement savings dwindle wonder if we will ever be able to retire. During these times many are concerned with keeping their jobs or their businesses. So what can you do to recession...
  How to Successfully Negotiate Compensation for a New Job
by Debbie Brown - Oct, 2007
Congratulations! You just got a job offer! Now you await the written offer that will tell you more of the details. Your ability to successfully negotiate your total compensation is a key to your happiness on the job, your job satisfaction and your job performance. If you are not happy with any aspect of your compensation, you may not be motivated to perform to your ability. And when it comes to job compensation, salary i...
  How to Reinvent Your Career
by Debbie Brown - Jun, 2007
Today new technologies, increased competition and downsizings have eliminated many jobs. Managed care has severely impacted the way medical and mental health services are provided. With fewer people to do the work and increased competition for jobs, we are putting in more hours than ever before. Besides burnout and depression, other job stresses come from doing work you are not suited for, or working in an environment that...
  Networking: The Key to Success in Your Career
by Debbie Brown - Jun, 2007
"Dig a well before you are thirsty." Chinese Proverb Did you know that… A referral generates 80% more results than a cold call. 75% of people get their jobs through networking. Most people have at least 250 contacts. Yes, it’s true! Think of all the people you know from school, work, your neighborhood and religious congregations! Anyone you might want to meet or contact is only 4 or 5 people removed from you.Netwo...
  Summertime...and the Living is Easy...or is it?
by Debbie Brown - Jun, 2007
“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” Lily Tomlin We are in the midst of those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” But for some, crazy is indeed a good way to describe their job. And at this time of year many are keenly reminded that they want a change in lifestyle. You might actually like the work you do, but find the environment and the demands of clients in these enviro...
  Career Goals and Stress: How to Achieve Goals and Maintain Your Sanity
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
"Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time." Max Ehrmann "Desiderata" When it comes to career success, direction and focus are crucial. But beyond direction, how effective is it to have goals? Requirements for Effective Goal-Setting Much has been researched and written about the effectiveness of goal setting. The findings say that: Difficult...
  How to Make the Career Changes You Want Sooner (Rather Than Later)
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
Prospective clients often ask me, “How long does the career counseling/coaching process take?” Part of the answer has to do with the kind of changes you want to make: a minor transition versus a major career change, developing a career development plan or improving your own job performance. There are many other factors as well. The traditional rule of thumb for finding a job is that it takes one month for every 10K that...
  Tips for Surviving and Recovering from Job Loss (or Any Other Loss)
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
In the past two years many people have lost their jobs. And for some they have also lost their reason for getting up in the morning. What’s the rush? They have all day to accomplish the few things on their “to-do” list. So they stop exercising. And they get up late. And they wonder how they would ever be able to work full–time again and still have time to go to the dentist and run errands. No time to exercise, bu...
  Are You Burned-Out?
by Debbie Brown - May, 2007
"In order to burn out, a person needs to have been on fire at one time." Ayala Pines What is burnout? And how do you know if you're suffering from it? Burnout is various physical, emotional and mental reactions caused by repeated stress. Effects of Stress The negative affects of stress have been documented by research studies. Prolonged, unrelenting stress can produce psychological and physiological consequences in...
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