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    Zen & the Art of Recruiting - Employer Branding & The Good Jobs
by Betsy Rowbottom and George Blomgren - Apr, 2013
Co-Founder of The Good Jobs, Betsy Rowbottom, joins George Blomgren to share her thoughts on the importance of employer branding. She also discusses how their new company can help employers formally leverage their culture to better articulate their employer brand and what makes them special.
    Zen & the Art of Recruiting - Recruiters and Pre-Hire Assessments
by Jeff Percival and George Blomgren - Apr, 2013
For busy recruiters, pre-hire assessments may seem like just another complication in the recruiting process. In fact, they can help ensure you make the right hire, one that will stick around. In this episode, George Blomgren talks with Jeff Percival, Founder and President of Percival Enterpreise, to learn more about pre-hire assessments and how to choose the right one!
    Zen & The Art Of Recruiting: Big Data And Recruiting
by David Hardtke, Todd Nilson and George Blomgren - Mar, 2013
Big Data - the application of the vast and disparate data sources available thanks to the web - is being applied to many areas of business. Recruiting is no exception. is on the leading edge. In this episode, George and Todd welcome Bright's Chief Scientist, David Hardtke, for an overview of this fascinating innovation.
    Zen & The Art Of Recruiting: Boolean Basics
by Chris Cruz and George Blomgren - Mar, 2013
Special guest Chris Cruz joins us for an overview of Boolean search. Starting with the basics, we talk through tips and techniques, and Chris shares some of his favorite resources with us.
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