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  Superstar! Or Maybe Not: The Shifting Terrain of Professional Career Paths
by Karl Saur - Oct, 2009
One casualty of our current economic turmoil may be the customary career path for many professionals. Just as the economic turmoil of the 1970s roiled the expectations of many members of the post-World War II generation who were employed in manufacturing, our current economic crisis reveals ripples of a similar earthquake affecting the ranks of professions once considered to have almost ca-nonical career ladders. Ranks of fin...
  How The Monte Carlo Fallacy Can Run Our Lives
by Karl Saur - Nov, 2008
Do you know that many billions of dollars a year are thrown away because of a common logical fallacy? The fallacy is known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy or Gambler’s Fallacy, and it is such a pervasive cognitive error that a huge sector of industries has been built to profit from it. But do you know if it might be running your life in ways unrelated to casinos? The simplest illustration of the Monte Carlo Fallacy is a series...
  The Life You Save May Be Your Own: Seven Ways to Take Charge of Your Saboteur
by Karl Saur - Oct, 2007
When you face the prospect of change, you may also face internal dialogue about it. You may have at least one internal “voice” that regularly offers you feedback, resists challenges, and reminds you to be “realistic.” That kind of voice has earned names such as the Goblin, Gremlin, Inner Critic, Judge, Boss or Saboteur, among many others. It is something we developed to shield us from pain but that overstayed its original need...
  Eight Ways to Create Time When You Think You Don’t Have Any
by Karl Saur - Jul, 2007
ARE YOU SERVING TIME? Look around you. You probably don’t see a cell, let alone iron bars. But how often do you live as if you were serving time? What would it be like if, instead, time served you? When you challenge yourself to embrace a change that you want, you may hear an inner voice objecting that the challenge is unrealistic because you lack time. That inner voice is a clever saboteur that may seduce you to prefer...
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