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  Work Life Balance ~ The Little Things That Help You Stay Up!
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Feb, 2010
Try this...stand on one foot. Go ahead – I’ll wait. Now notice what that’s like. Balance is not a stagnant action. Matter of fact, if you stiffen up and don’t allow yourself the tiny motions it takes to constantly maintain balance, you’ll fall right over. Try it. I’ll wait. Balance in life is the same way. It’s about doing the little things that help you stay up that influence how “on or off” balance you feel. Balan...
  Cover Letter Sample and Tips!
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Oct, 2007
I recently wrote an article called “Career Transition Step 1!” about taking a job that supports your transition. A transition job is important because it gets you in the habit of having your job/ career support your passion, fun and inspiration in your life. It gives you time, money and energy that liberates you from pressure so you can more easily be aware of what inspires you and act on it. Taking a transition job is espe...
  Career Transition Step 1: Take a “Transition” Job!
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Oct, 2007
Have you ever noticed how your job can be all consuming, even when you don’t like your job, or perhaps I should say, especially when you don’t like it. When this happens, a huge portion of your time, focus and energy is going toward something you don’t even like! I found myself living in this nightmare a few years ago and I often caught myself saying things like, “This just doesn’t make sense to be this unhappy and this stre...
  Preparing for an Interview: Envisioning the Worst Doesn't Bring Out Your Best
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Jun, 2006
So you got the call from the prospective employer saying they were impressed with what they learned about you from your resume and want to invite you for an interview. You’re flattered, you’re thrilled, you’re relieved, and then… an excited, “Wow, I’m going to be interviewed!” is followed by an anxious, “Wow, I’m going to be interviewed!” Hold it together! You can handle this with prior proper preparation. The biggest mis...
  Finding the Work you Love!
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Mar, 2006
“The water pitcher cries out for water to carry, and the person cries out for work that is real.” ~ Marge Piercy Depending on the research you read, 40-60% of Americans are dissatisfied with their job. Perhaps this isn’t surprising when we look at how most of us chose our careers. First, we go to school, gain skills and get exposed to a variety of classes that leave us with a general sense of, “I like biology better than h...
  Sure FIRE Trust
by Keri Coffman-Thiede - Mar, 2006
Sometimes we get lost as we pursue our goals. Questions like, "Is this going to work? Is what I’m doing valuable / good enough? Am I going to be successful?" start going through your head. These questions point you toward feeling LOST--feeling a Lack Of Sure-fire Trust in yourself! They are all questions that have no true or sure answer. However, the possibility of the answers being "No" takes the wind out of our sails...
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