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  Simple Resume Customizing Strategies
by Linda Dobogai - Jan, 2015
Are you wondering why you’re not getting positive results after you send out lots of resumes? If the resumes have been all exactly the same, you may just be spinning your wheels. In today’s world of information overload, where employers are sometimes inundated with resumes from Internet, mobile and other sources, customizing is key. Each employer wants to reserve meeting time for those candidates who are already perceived...
  Why a LinkedIn Profile Does Not Replace the Resume
by Linda Dobogai - Feb, 2014
A few career management experts have predicted the demise of the resume in today’s world of fast-paced social media connections. This is based on an assumption that the LinkedIn profile will act as the replacement. However, there are several reasons why this assumption is incorrect. A LinkedIn profile provides background information. A resume also provides background information. Where they differ is in perspective and the a...
  Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile So Your Talents Can Be Discovered
by Linda Dobogai - Feb, 2013
Having a strong profile is only the first step in actively using LinkedIn as part of a strategic job search. Take steps to make it easier for recruiters to find you. Here are some tips that will help: Review your profile to make sure it is optimized for searches. Be sure that: The headline promotes your personal brand. Use up to 120 characters (the limit) to succinctly communicate your career value; incorporate powerfu...
  Write Your Resume to the Future, Not the Past
by Linda Dobogai - Jan, 2012
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in composing your resume is to let your past drive the focus of the content. While a resume covers what we have done, proper perspective in using this information is key. Let your career goal, as it relates to the future you want, guide what you choose to include. You can help employers see you as a qualified candidate if you can clearly show them the relevance of your background to the...
by Linda Dobogai - Jan, 2011
Most people forget to send a thank-you letter after interviewing. Mistake. Those who do send one often fail to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity to further promote their value. Big mistake. While it is true that this type of document should thank the interviewer for their time and interest, a greater impact on the hiring decision can be made by incorporating one or two of the following strategies. - Emphasize an a...
  Power Your Resume Up With A Testimonial
by Linda Dobogai - Jun, 2010
Today’s job market remains highly competitive, and some online job openings can result in hundreds of resume submittals. A strong testimonial can grab the reader’s attention and immediately help establish your credibility. Essentially a resume testimonial is a quote from a letter of recommendation, a performance evaluation, or other respectable source offering an opinion on your abilities or appreciation for an achievement....
  Be Constructive In Your Use of Layoff Time
by Linda Dobogai - Nov, 2009
Depressive feelings associated with being dislocated can impact your energy level if you allow this to happen. Remember there is a moment where we can choose between lethargy and taking action. Perhaps you need some time to process the feelings. Find someone you trust to talk things over and then consciously commit to move on by drawing up a plan of action. No doubt that plan of action will focus on a “job hunt.” Notice the...
  Generate Self-Marketing Buzz By Using A Professional Resume Writer
by Linda Dobogai - Mar, 2009
How can you tell if you would benefit from working with a professional résumé writer? If your résumé is not getting you interviews despite your certainty that you meet the requirements of your field. If you are struggling with identifying the skills you’ve developed in marketable terms. If the achievements in your background are void of context and appear lackluster. All of these conditions are symptomatic of communication iss...
  How Different Resume Formats Can Benefit Your Job Search
by Linda Dobogai - Sep, 2008
Long gone is the day when a neatly printed Word résumé served all purposes of a high-impact job search. With the growth of technology and new venues used by recruiting personnel, a variety of new résumé formats have come into play. Which formats should you be using? What’s appropriate and when? Here is a guide to some of the more popular formats that can help you in making these determinations: Word Format: The basic is...
  Leveraging References For Maximum Impact
by Linda Dobogai - Sep, 2008
In competitive fields, a hiring decision can depend upon what a candidate’s references have to say. When other critical factors, such as experience and education equal out among two or more candidates, the credibility and faith expressed through qualified references become very important. So it is necessary that you wisely choose your references and that you prepare them to help put you in the best light possible. First, on...
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