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  Once a Caterpillar, Now a Butterfly – Continued Education Can Take You High!
by Mandy Marchitello - Jun, 2010
Oftentimes clients contact me for resume writing services and are guided in an entirely unforeseen direction. The conversation goes something like this: CLIENT – I went to college to get a bachelor’s degree, secured a nice job after graduation, but five years later feel as though I’ve gone as far as I can with my company. Please help! When I hear these words spoken, it becomes obvious that what my client really needs is no...
  Like A Speeding Train, A Resume That POPS Cannot Be Stopped – Three Easy Steps!
by Mandy Marchitello - Jun, 2010
(P) ROVE your value to the hiring manager. Start by taking an inventory of all of your life’s accomplishments. This is the “let me show you what I can do” phase. Include all relevant topics: • Education (degrees earned or classes taken) • Work Experience • Volunteer Experience • Foreign Languages • Hobbies (if they relate to the job) • Computer Skills • Specialized Equipment • Overseas Experiences • Honors / Achieve...
  A Resume is a Commercial Starring YOU!
by Mandy Marchitello - Jun, 2010
And just like we rate Super Bowl commercials, hiring managers rate resumes. Give them a dull, poorly organized resume riddled with typos, and sure enough they’re going to pick up that remote and click to the next applicant. Conversely, provide them with a sharp, well written and visually appealing resume and they’re going to pick up...not the remote, but the telephone, to call you and schedule an interview. In crafting y...
  Five Ways to Sink the Interview Ship
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
If you’re about to set sail on your cruise to employment, be sure to avoid these (5) areas of rough water: 1. HOW MUCH DOES THE POSITION PAY? – The job interview is not about how your needs can be met. Its about what you can do for the prospective company. Bringing up salary, health benefits, vacation or anything related to your compensation gives the impression that you are more concerned with your own needs then those of...
  Ace The Interview! Steps (A) Through (Z)
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
A) Write down: the name of the person calling to arrange the interview, the name and title of the person with whom you will be interviewing and the time and location of the interview. B) Gather as much information as possible about the company – history, size, clients, mission statement, etc. C) Select proper interview attire. D) Verify location. If possible, drive to the location the day before to assess commute time...
  Three Resume Formats – Which One Is Best For You?
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
CHRONOLOGICAL – The chronological resume is an excellent choice for those who have steadily progressed on their career track, with few bumps along the way. If each position you’ve held has built upon the one previous to it, thereby demonstrating growth in knowledge and responsibilities, this style of resume will work best for you. A chronological resume is the one most preferred by hiring managers, as it allows them to eas...
  Key Words - Put Them In There!
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
When responding to a job posting, be sure to highlight “key words” or core qualifications as specified by the hiring company. Next, sprinkle the key words throughout the body of your resume. “Oh no!”...I heard you scream. Are you saying I have to prepare a different resume for each job posting? The answer to that question is part no and part yes. Let’s start with the part I know you like best. Hey, I rhymed! NO –...
  Keep Moving!
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
A couple of years ago, I participated in a women’s entrepreneurial workshop. It was a fabulous environment where women bounced ideas off each other regarding the individual businesses we were trying to launch. I learned so much from this group of ladies...but one particular lesson remains embedded in my mind. KEEP MOVING! The group’s facilitator would begin our weekly meetings by going around the room, asking each person...
  THANK YOU NOTE – Always Send One!
by Mandy Marchitello - Apr, 2010
Whether you want the job or not, you should always send a thank you note to the person with whom you interviewed. Doing so demonstrates respect and appreciation for the interviewer’s time. Out of hundreds of hopefuls, you are the one with whom the interviewer has chosen to spend an hour of their busy day. Makes you feel pretty special, doesn’t it? It should! You are special and someone has taken notice of that fact. Now...
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