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  A New Job for the New Year? The Time to Start is Now!
by Melani Ward - Dec, 2013
In January, we will see many blog posts, newsstories, and talk shows discussing “new jobs for the new year.” Why wait and get lost in the crowd? Now is the time to get started! The job market varies significantly based on your geographic location, industry, and occupation. However, in general we know this is a challenging job market. That translates to a longer period to secure a new job. Getting out there quickly can g...
  Lead Generation – What to Do With Your Leads Once You Get Them
by Melani Ward - Dec, 2008
Lead generation is a complicated and often overwhelming task for the solo entrepreneur. And it's often the case that you spend so much time trying to just get the leads into your funnel that once you get them you fail to take the necessary steps to keep them. In this article, I've outlined the 7 steps you should be taking once you get the leads so you can KEEP them for good. 1. Focus on outcomes and value. As much as we...
  What’s Getting in Your Way?
by Melani Ward - Dec, 2008
I am a firm believer that your surroundings tell a lot about the state of your career, finances, relationships, etc. and that the more clutter and junk you have, the less room you have to grow and the less space there is for new things to come into your life. When clients first come to me, there are many that are so miserable in their jobs or careers that they need an escape. They want to do something else but they feel stu...
  Career Burnout: How to Know When You Have Had Enough and How to Search for Your Next Career
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Career burnout may be an overused term these days and while some tend to use the term burnout very loosely, experiencing career burnout can wreak serious emotional, physical, and psychological havoc on a person. Identify the signs of career burnout and create an action plan to get back on the right career path. "It's not necessarily about what career you pick. It's about how you do what you do. - Cory Doctorow Signs that...
  Career Dissatisfaction or How to Get Noticed at Work
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
How many times have you sat in a conference room listening to your fearless leader drone on about one initiative or another and you wonder who put this bozo in charge? How many times have you walked by the guy who is perched up at his desk gloating over his latest promotion and you think someone put this bozo in charge? Well, you are not alone. Many people who work in organizations where the hierarchy is very organized can...
  Career Satisfaction and Career Fit: 7 Days to Getting on the Right Track with Your Career
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Day One: Completely eliminate the following phrase from your vocabulary: “It is too late.” Live with how good it feels to change your perspective. It is never too late to have your dream career. It might be difficult to go after it. It might be one of the greatest challenges of your life, but if you desire it, it is never too late. Day Two: Dare to dream and dream big. Do you have a dream? Do you imagine yourself pu...
  Career Transitions through Discovering Your Life Purpose
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Career transitions are exciting. They place you on the verge of something new and challenging and prompt your mind to think in a whole new way. One of the most important concepts to focus on when you are contemplating a career transition or are feeling very dissatisfied in your work is your life purpose. We all have a central life purpose and if we can fulfill that purpose through our work, we will be more successful, more pro...
  Changing Careers – How to Transition Intelligently from One Field to Another
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Changing careers can feel like an overwhelming proposition. So, if you are not sure if you want to leave your job, you are afraid of making another mistake, or you are unsure of which path to take, try it out first. If you have a passion for something and you want to figure out how you can make it more than a hobby, there are plenty of avenues to try it out. If you think you want to be an event planner, shadow someone who...
  Consider Yourself Self-Employed to Achieve Greater Career Success
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Many people believe that if they go to work every day for somebody else, then they are not self-employed. I read a great quote by Brian Tracy that I thought could use repeating: "Always view yourself as self-employed. The biggest mistake that you can ever make in life is ever to think that you work for anybody else but yourself. You are self-employed, you are the president of your own person services corporation". Write...
  Entrepreneurial Women - 8 Keys to Success
by Melani Ward - Apr, 2007
Women entrepreneurs make up one of the fastest growing sectors of the business world today and there are as many expressions of entrepreneurialism as there are the kinds of women who choose this route; however, whether your idea of being an entrepreneur means running your own part time consulting business out of your house where you employ 1 or 2 other people or you are running a multi-million dollar company and manage hundred...
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