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  The Leader Blueprint: Building Tomorrow’s Da Vinci
by Todd Rhoad - Jan, 2011
Creating future leaders for business is on the verge of becoming a crisis. Three reasons reign supreme on the subject: it limits power and threatens the future, companies aren’t good at it and the qualities of tomorrow’s leader are nothing short of the modern day Da Vinci. In its recent regulatory filing, Apple disclosed their shareholders desire for a CEO Succession Policy. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has had a few health probl...
  Job Search: Which Methods Really Work?
by Todd Rhoad - Jan, 2011
Many aspiring executives flock to business schools to obtain the coveted MBA degree. Optimism oozes out of every pore, while visions of money, promotions, raises and opportunities dance in their head. Then, graduation comes. Uncertainty and doubt flood the mind as reality begins to take hold. They have to find a job and work now. For most MBA graduates, it’s not a daunting task. However, the trends are starting to change...
  How Do I Network?
by Todd Rhoad - Apr, 2010
While this may sound like a strange question, it is one that I get asked often. Since we are all looking for opportunities for greater success, networking might be a skill we might want to learn. In this post, I’ll take a look at some of the reasons for our inability to connect with others and how we might be able to overcome them. It’s not hard to understand why it’s important to be able to network. A quick look at the...
  The WAR For Talent Is...OVER?
by Todd Rhoad - Mar, 2010
Many high achievers still fail to recognize the need for skills beyond their own technical ability. A hard charging attitude coupled with a graduate degree isn’t sufficient. While they see themselves as real talent, they fail to see that the needs of industry are continually evolving. The battle for technical skill alone is over. We’ve stepped off that field and have engaged a foe of the social nature. You’ve just spent tha...
  In Service of Others: We Succeed By Helping Others Succeed
by Todd Rhoad - Jan, 2010
For many highly educated and motivated individuals, finding the path to great success usually follows a path lined with personal accomplishment and reward. The speed at which they rise to greatness is directly proportional to size of their achievements. More responsibility leads to greater accountability, ultimately leading to greater success or so we think. There are a few who suggest otherwise. These highly successful pe...
  If You Build It, Success Will Come
by Todd Rhoad - Dec, 2009
The greatest challenge to those seeking success is an inability to adopt the concept that a career must be built. It isn’t given or found. In this post, I’ll share some insight into how you can use your tools and talents to build the career of your dreams. I’ve always felt that success is the intersection of preparedness and opportunity. You can spend your whole life training and educating yourself, but if you are never...
  Pushing Your Career Passed Waiter’s Syndrome
by Todd Rhoad - Nov, 2009
Waiter’s Syndrome impacts many careers, creating a sense of frustration and forcing change that isn’t in your best interest. You may have and don’t even know. It can be defeated by following a few simple steps, which I’ll share with you in this article. The first step to cultivating a good career in the face of, what I like to call, Waiter's Syndrome is recognize that this is a motivation deficit. Of course, one must als...
  Career Happiness: Expect It or Aspire To It
by Todd Rhoad - Nov, 2009
Too often we confuse our expectations with our aspirations. You may know it as expecting too much. Career dissatisfaction results from a misalignment of these two factors. To stay on track, you need to only understand the difference and ask a few questions. In this article, I’ll tell you what they are. I recently asked MBA grads to tell me how the degree has met their expectations. I wanted to know specifically what they so...
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