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  How to drill down for accomplishments
by Tom Albano - Jan, 2011
If you think you don’t have accomplishments worthy of mentioning on their resume, think again. Most likely, you have plenty of them. Often, accomplishments lie just below the surface of routine job responsibilities. You just need to identify the right areas that can be developed into accomplishment statements. This may require thinking about your past experience in a new light. The list of possibilities for developing acco...
  Five Quick Tips for Creating a Stronger Resume
by Tom Albano - Jan, 2011
In today’s intensely competitive job market, a single job posting can attract between 200 to 500 resumes. Out of these, only a handful will be considered for an interview. Can your resume make the cut? Most resumes will be instantly dismissed for one of the following reasons: a) they are poorly written; b) they are not focused on the target position; c) they fail to address the employer’s most pressing needs. The...
  Does your resume dwell in the past or does it focus on your future?
by Tom Albano - Jan, 2011
To succeed in today’s intensely competitive job market, your resume cannot simply dwell on your past job responsibilities. Instead, it must project into the future by providing prospective employers with a sneak preview of what they can expect from you as an employee. How do you do this? By making strong assertions about your strengths and capabilities and backing them up with solid accomplishments. Any tennis play...
  Developing An Interview-Generating Resume
by Tom Albano - May, 2007
Has anyone recently asked you for a copy of your resume? Believe it or not, this is when most individuals decide to write or update their resume. And this is exactly why most resumes are dull, responsibilities-focused documents that do little more than chronicle a candidate’s career history. The good news is, with a little bit of advance planning and preparation, you can develop a resume that blows most of your competit...
  5 Steps to Speed Up Your Job Search
by Tom Albano - May, 2007
If the thought of finding a new job makes you break into a cold sweat, relax. A job search doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. It just takes a bit of introspection, planning and follow through. Here are 5 action steps you can begin immediately to get your job search into motion. 1) SELF-ASSESSMENT Before you begin your search, it is important to assess your present situation. Personal circumstances are diffe...
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