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  Counselors Impact Student’s Career Options
by Wendy Enelow - Oct, 2012
Counselors play a critical role in steering students in class selection, and ultimately career choice. Gender stereotypes may result in an unknowing bias when providing guidance to students. What can be done to increase couselor’s awareness of nontraditional careers for females, including those in science, technology, engineering, and math? Gender Stereotypes Gender stereotypes begin at birth when girls are dressed in...
  A Little Good Job Market News for a Change
by Wendy Enelow - May, 2011
I just received an update from on current employment trends by industry and city. ( is a job site that will search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages for you.) Their analysis shows that 10 out of 13 industries which they track generated more job postings in April than they did in any other month so far this year. Among the notable trends were a 25% quarterly growth in Transp...
  The employer didn’t get back to me. What should I do?
by Wendy Enelow - May, 2011
It seems that 99% of the time, employers say they will get back to you within a certain time frame, and then they don’t. There are two possible reasons for this: 1. They are short-staffed and just can’t get all the decision-makers together to make a hiring decision, so they haven’t decided who to hire yet; or they are still checking people’s references and waiting to hear back from the references before a decision is made...
  Retention of Female STEM Faculty
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
On a recent flight to East Lansing, Michigan to present a workshop on nontraditional careers, I sat next to Avis Cohen, professor at the University of Maryland. Avis works for the ADVANCE Program for Inclusive Excellence at the University of Maryland which aims to transform their institutional culture by facilitating networks, offering individual mentoring and support, and offering information and strategic opportunities for w...
  Identify Your Interview Fears ... and Tackle Them
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
In my experience as a career practitioner, I know that too few people actually think about their interviewing weak points. Too many ascribe interview failures to an act of fate (wasn’t meant to be), or abject apathy (oh well), than consider that maybe, just maybe, the fault lies in their court. And while accepting that not all jobs, and hence not all interviews, are good matches, what if you lost a truly plum job, a dream...
  Local Government Salary Negotiation
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
“More?? You want more??!” is the cry we remember from Oliver Twist’s warden when poor Oliver asks for more gruel at the orphanage. Well, this is actually not the common response from employers when candidates have negotiated their salary, even in this economy. I have coached several job seekers in the last month to successfully increase the salary of job offers. Two come to mind in particular, both in local government jobs w...
  Overwhelmed by Opportunities?
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
According to CEO Update’s March 4th issue, new association job listings are up an eye-popping 45 percent in the first two months of 2011. At the same time, the article also says, some hiring managers are receiving fewer resumes. After the multi-year recession, this is fantastic news for job seekers. It’s certainly better than the alternative! However, as with most things, there is a downside. Lately, I’ve had more than one p...
  Eight Tactics to Reboot Your Resume
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
You are what your write. I recently did a search on resume tips on a popular search engine that starts with a “G” and to no surprise found more than 37 million pages dedicated to some form of tips for resumes. Everyone has an opinion and I am no different. As I coach though, I have seen literally hundreds of resumes and have come to consensus about their content. Resumes that paint a picture of a personality and tell a sto...
  10 Reasons To Offer Workplace Flexibility
by Wendy Enelow - Apr, 2011
If you are an entrepreneur starting a company and you will be in a position to set workplace polices for your new organization, or you are an executive in an established organization and you have sufficient influence to shape human resource policies, I encourage you to create an organizational culture characterized by workplace flexibility, meaning that workers can decide when and where they work, to the extent that doing so i...
  Practice Makes Perfect
by Wendy Enelow - Mar, 2011
Point seven of my Ten Steps to Interview Preparation is to “practice aloud with answers to predictable questions.” After all, as the adage says, “practice makes perfect.” Some of you may be thinking “why bother?” Consider this: although networking or a great resume can land you an interview, it is your interview skills that land you a job offer. Furthermore, it is not always the most qualified candidate who lands the job of...
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