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  A Brief Overview Of Common 401k Mistakes
by William Lemerond - Mar, 2010
Believe it or not there are many mistakes that can be made along the way when it comes to financial retirement savings and investing. Unfortunately a good many of these mistakes center around the 401(k), which can be a tremendous boost to your retirement plans when used properly in order to build your portfolio. The problem is that the mistakes are often the only things we hear when it comes to retirement plans and investing....
  Perhaps the Most Important Area Of Investing - Psychology
by William Lemerond - Jan, 2010
When you are striving for investment and financial excellence, you will have to do so by overcoming some tough obstacles. When you focus on the financial or investing problems you have, you are most likely going to generate feelings of guilt, anger or frustration in yourself. These feelings that arise are the silent investment account and financial killers; when investing you need to invest emotionless, which will help you foc...
  When In An Interview Paint A Picture
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
In order to captivate someone's imagination and attention, particularly an employer in your case, you must paint picture with your words. When the mind thinks deeply and critically, it thinks in pictures. If you're not creating mental images to get your point across, you're missing out on a lot of potential interest. You're just not hitting the nail on the head, or scoring points. Involve the person interviewing you, by gettin...
  Entrepreneur, Visionary, Virtually Synonymous
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
Your financial position will always catch up with, and match your mindset. When individuals think of money attraction, normally they are thinking of money that they can physically hold and take to the bank. Cash flow is important, but it is your mindset that will determine your future wealth, and the scope of your money attraction. Your ability to adapt your mindset to envision and stay open, creative, and positive is very imp...
  Retirement Plans For the Self-Employed
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
SEP IRA: With a SEP IRA in 2009 there is a $49,000 maximum contribution. This IRA is easy to set up and requires minimal administrative responsibilities. Disadvantages of this option begin with the fact that contribution limits are smaller than the limits of an Individual 401k at the same income level. This IRA does not have a catch-up plan provision like the Individual 401k, and loans are not permitted. Main advantages...
  An Attitude For Success
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
If you want success in what you are pursuing, then you must have the attitude for success. You need to have the right attitude, which is the right set of beliefs that will guide you to take the proper actions towards achieving your goals. How can you be sure you have the right attitude for success? After all, there is a multitude of beliefs and values on can have. I have comprised a list below, a very good list that can ser...
  Avoiding Corporate Relapse in Retirement
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
We seek reclusion from our current job as early as possible to relax all day, take a vacation whenever we want, pursue a lifelong dream, or for any of the other perks that come from retirement. Some of us may be waiting with great anticipation and counting the days until retirement, others will wait with patience and don’t think much of it, and another group of us may not ever want to retire and hate the thought of it. Whic...
  Learn The Science To Achieving Your Financial Dreams
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
It is hard for one to feel completely fulfilled and satisfied with their life unless they have achieved one of their dreams. Most of us have the financial dream of being rich or achieving the “American Dream”. Although the majority of us want to reach our financial dreams and become rich, why is it that only a very minute percent of us ever will? Well, for one, the society we live in plays a large role keeping us moving wit...
  Overcoming Salary Negotiation Anxiety
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
Negotiating salary is, for most people, the hardest part of the job search and interviewing process. When salary negotiation time comes, it is the cause of considerable anxiety. Job seekers normally think the salary offer is a one-time shot and they either have to “take-it-or-leave-it”. Some candidates fear they’ll be perceived as greedy or only “in it for the money” if they ask for more money. However, negotiating salary is a...
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