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by Yvonne Brown - May, 2011
As a child in Jamaica I grew up in a time when coming to America was the ultimate dream. People from all over the world coveted the American lifestyle with its manicured lawns, beautiful homes, and happy healthy children playing in the yard or riding their bikes in the neighborhood. Now all of that has changed and many Americans are moving to foreign lands just to find work, some are struggling to make a living,and feed th...
  The Sociopath, The Psychopath, and The Bully at Work
by Yvonne Brown - Feb, 2011
A Sociopath, a Psychopath, and a Bully walked into the corporate office. They were dressed impeccably. The Sociopath was charming and glowed with charisma. The Psychopath wore his Armani suit and Ralph Lauren Purple Label tie like a fashion model. His hair was perfect. The Bully seemed sweet in her pearls and understated St. John's knit suit. Women and men in the lobby paused to look at the trio as they entered the...
  How to Exude More Confidence in a Negative World
by Yvonne Brown - Nov, 2010
Confidence: The word conjures up images of self-assurance and belief in ones' self. Self-confidence is inward security. It basically means that your source of security comes from within yourself, you're confident in your integrity to your own value system. It is not congruent with doubt or fear. I think that Franklin D. Roosevelt hit the nail on the head when he said, "Confidence thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sa...
  Use your FEAR of speaking as a motivator
by Yvonne Brown - Nov, 2010
I remember the first time I had to give a speech. My hands were clammy, my heart was pounding, and my throat was dry. I was terrified! I remembered the phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and decided to just go for it. I had written and rehearsed my speech. I knew the content and believed in it. “What’s to worry about” I thought, like Nike says "just do it!" I made it through the speech and it got better once I star...
  Using Video Resume is a Generational Difference in Personal Marketing
by Yvonne Brown - Feb, 2010
Whether you are a recruiter or a job hunter today's job market is a stressful one. Job hunters are hard pressed to stand out in a sea of resumes so that they are the ones selected for an open position. One recruiting manager informs me that his staff has gone from receiving 2000 resumes a day to 40,000 per day. It is difficult to keep up with the high volume of people seeking employement and using the internet to post the...
  Time To Put Away 2009 & Move On To Bigger, Better Things
by Yvonne Brown - Jan, 2010
It's a new year and a clean slate for your career, your personal life, your business, and your dreams. So the question is: What do your 2010 dreams look like? 2010 The Beginning It starts with setting expectations for yourself, followed by taking action on the steps needed to bring your dreams to fruition. Each new year is a fresh start, but after the balloons deflate, you dispose of the party hats, and the hangover su...
  Authentic Communications: Getting Your Point Across Clearly is Key
by Yvonne Brown - Dec, 2009
Whether you're looking to improve your communication skills for business or personal reasons there are a few guidelines to follow. Employees, employers, family, friends and other individuals have to improve their communication skills in order to efficiently get points across without causing oppositions. Authentic communications consist of methods that can be used to resolve conflicts and difficult conversations. It can...
  Five Pitfalls Every Speaker Should Beware Of
by Yvonne Brown - Oct, 2009
Pitfall #1 - Know your Audience Today's audience consists of multiple generations each with their unique expectations from the speaker. For the first time in history there are five generations in your audience. One generation likes lecture style, another likes to share expertise. The next generation likes you to ask their opinion & the youngest two generations prefer role play, videos and other media. How can you tell...
  What Are You Communicating To Your Employees? Can They Tell The Truth Without Fear?
by Yvonne Brown - Jun, 2009
I love my work. I love teaching others, watching as they connect the dots and surmize how smart they already are about the topic. So it was a revelation for me at a recent seminar when, while teaching how to tell the truth without fear, I learned that for some employees this is simply not possible. Telling the truth without fear I am always interested in the attendees response to the question "can you tell the truth wi...
  So, you're thinking of changing careers…
by Yvonne Brown - Mar, 2006
How many careers would you say you have had to date? One? Two or more? In America, our parent’s generation seldom considered changing careers. The career model for their time was to join a company, work their way up through the ranks by virtue of promotions and retire with a great pension. Loyalty to the company was the byword, with an expectation that this quality would be valued by the company. At their retirement party...
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