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  Author Correction
by Anita Bruzzese - Nov, 2010
ARTICLE AUTHOR CORRECTION: The article "Inspired Leadership - The Brain Science of Inspiration" posted on 11/19/2010 was incorrectly credited to Anita Bruzzese as the author. The article has been reposted on 11/22/2010 credited to its author, Dr. Maynard Brusman. The LocalJobNetwork extends sincere apologies to the authors involved. (View Article)
  Over-The-Top Customer Service!
by Julie Walraven - Mar, 2010
Last week I was in Baltimore at the Career Thought Leaders Conference. The food at the conference was great and the adventure continued with more restaurants to explore at night as well as during the extra day I planned in to explore Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with my friend, Linda, who came with me from Wausau. We had some great meals but the one at the Cheesecake Factory sticks in my mind. The story behind The Cheesecake Fa...
  Random Acts of QBQ!
by John G. Miller - Nov, 2008
A CiCi's Pizza guest speaks: Traveling through Ohio, we were, as usual with two little ones in tow, running late. Nothing seemed to be going right. We had promised our three-year-old that we would stop at CiCi's Pizza in Marion, Ohio, but heavy traffic and waiting for an accident to clear had put us hours behind schedule. It was 11PM when we arrived at the restaurant. The lights were off and they appeared closed. We were ti...
by Dr. Wendell Williams - Oct, 2007
What the organizations with the best customer service reps have in common Being a selection wonk, I continually look for disconnects between company policy and employment practices. Glaring examples tend to occur when I have a problem and need assistance from an employee who was supposed to be hired for his or her customer-service skills. A Promise Made Late last year, I received a Christmas package from my son and h...
  How To Be A Customer-Focused Organization
by Mary Gormandy White - Jul, 2007
Would you say that your customers are satisfied with the products and services provided by your organization? Do you think that having satisfied customers indicates that your organization is one that provides exceptional customer service? If so, think about what the word satisfaction really means. When your customers are satisfied, it simply means that you have met their service and performance expectations. It’s like earn...
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