Can you find your dream job on your own?
A lot of potential career coaching clients will ask me, “Why do I need a career coach, can’t I figure this out on my own?” The truth is, usually they haven’t figured it out on their own, which is why they’re talking to me. What I tell them is this, “Yes many people can, and have figured out their career direction without the help of a career coach, which is great!” I’ll admit that I’m a little jealous of those people, because I wasn’t one of them.

Many people have trouble finding their dream job for various reasons. They’re confused with so many career ideas in their head. They have too many people giving them advice, and it’s steered them off track. Maybe they don’t know themselves well (that was me!) or maybe they’re simply too busy to really take the time to figure it out in the right way. Whatever the reason is, I tell my career coaching clients, “Yes you may be able to figure it out over time, and perhaps by a process of elimination. But eliminating ideas over time can take a while.”

When I was stuck I felt like it would take me 10 years to figure out my dream job through process of elimination – trying different jobs over time. I really didn’t want to wait that long though. It would’ve been too painful. If you’re having trouble with it, it’s more effective and efficient to get right to the heart of it, and figure it out as quickly as you can. Life’s too short. If you can figure it out on your own, that’s great! But don’t settle or waste time in a job you don’t enjoy.