How to Grow Your Future-Focus - You Can See Forever
Question for Discussion – How do you as a leader create the future?

I loved reading Steve Job’s biography and have recommended it to many of my clients and friends. I was so inspired by his focus and passion. Mr. Job’s driven and perfectionistic personality motivated him to achieve greatness.
Steve Job’s creativity and genius for creating products that invent the future is so inspiring. Oh Wow!

My executive coaching clients and I frequently have conversations about creativity and innovation.
Mr. Jobs was a leader who could be very difficult, but he inspired people and teams to achieve what was thought impossible. He could be abrasive at times in his relentless pursuit of perfection. He might have been lacking in emotional intelligence, but created a world class company of “A” players who changed the world.

I’ve learned over a long leadership coaching career that some leaders are much more gifted than others in their ability to demonstrate the competency of visioning the future. Executive coaching can help enlightened leaders grow their future focus.

You Can See Forever

To become a better leader, or to be seen as a high-potential leader, spend more time in the future.
At some point, a future focus will permeate your thinking and saturate your communications.

Everything you do and say will remind people of the future you want to create —for yourself, your colleagues, your customers and the organization. You will draw upon your past experiences, your core values and your guiding purpose.

You will become well-read about trends as you study the future and talk with other people about the exciting possibilities. There’s no doubt that we live in interesting times, and game-changing ideas, products and services are popping up all the time.

Being part of the future allows you to contribute to its creation. You can’t do that without taking time to develop your capacity to be future-focused. And you can’t become future-focused without discipline and action.

One of the best ways to expand your potential leadership abilities is to work with an executive coach, who can help you see what you don’t yet see. An experienced coach will stimulate your thinking and conversations about what’s possible.