Staying Viable After a “No”
by Harry Urschel - Dec, 2013
A while ago I wrote a piece titled… “No” may not be final! The point of the article was that it’s not unusual for a company to be interested in hiring a particular candidate even after they rejected them for a position they were initially pursuing. The article gave a number of reasons to be sure to let the employer know you would still be interested in pursuing other opportunities at the organization as something approp...
  The Power of a Referral
by Harry Urschel - Dec, 2013
A recent example reminded me of the amazing power of a referral in a job search. When it works as it should, nothing comes close to making for a better hiring experience for a job seeker! Hiring a new employee is one of the hardest things for an employer... A great hire can have an immeasurable positive impact on a team and on an organizations success. A poor hire can sour a team, set back progress, and have a treme...
  The Value of an Expert
by Debra Wheatman - Dec, 2013
Is it worth the investment to hire a genuine expert? In many cases, hiring an expert represents long-term value. How many DIY home projects have you seen gone awry at your home or for one of your friends? My favorite is a friend who saved $50 on the connection of a new refrigerator only to flood his entire downstairs, costing him a $1,000 insurance deductible and two weeks of downtime for the clean-up and new floor installat...
  What Do I Say About Being Terminated?
by Hallie Crawford - Dec, 2013
“Have you ever been terminated from your position?” your interviewer asks you. You may fear this question because you don’t want to have to say, “Yes.” However, you may be confusing the terms layoff, resignation, and termination. If you were laid off, you have not been terminated. Being laid off from work means the employer could not afford to continue paying your salary or did not have enough work for you to do. When a...
  What Do You Do When a Recruiter has Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile?
by Louise Garver - Dec, 2013
The etiquette required in connecting/contacting people on LinkedIn can make even senior executives anxious. The thing to recognize is that people who look at your profile are usually there for a reason. While some may be recruiters, others could be friends, or former co-workers trying to reconnect. So, what do you do when a recruiter has viewed your profile on LinkedIn? This question came up in a LinkedIn Group discussion...
  Why Sacrificing Soft Skills Weakens Your Resume
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Dec, 2013
International Talent Management Strategist Dorothy Dalton recently wrote a compelling blog post:“The Hard Truth About Soft Skills,” which absolutely nails the value of soft skills in a career story resume. Dalton describes how resumes that come to her attention often do so based on the “high incidence of hard skills in the text,” but goes on to assert that “… unless the resume or professional profile tells an engaging acc... – Package and Share Your Mobile Online Identity
by Michelle Dumas - Dec, 2013
In today’s almost staggeringly competitive marketplace, job seekers (or, for that matter, any professionals who care about their careers) should seek every tool available to market themselves. Make no mistake, creating, promoting, and maintaining a personal brand identity is as much a part of marketing as any product or service advertising campaign. If you’re unable or unwilling to maintain a vibrant online presence, one tha...
  How to Find Local Job Recruiters on Twitter
by Joshua Waldman - Dec, 2013
Twitter is a great tool for finding job openings in your local area. You’ll find job recruiters and hiring managers tweeting about jobs they’re trying to fill. Here’s how you can find them on Twitter: 1. Head to Twitter Advanced Search. 2. In the field named This exact phrase, enter the name of your town or city. 3. In Hashtags, enter Jobs. 4. Press Search. 5. Scroll through the list of recent tweets and cl...
  Digital Dirt, Online Candidate Review and Other Mysteries!
by Sharon Cohen - Dec, 2013
What are recruiters reading about you online? Do you have digital dirt? Is this affecting your job search? My most popular workshops are on personal branding , social media audits and managing your digital dirt. Increasingly, job seekers are also requesting this content during individual, one on one coaching sessions. Are you prepared? There aren’t any consistent statistics on how many companies are checking out candid...
  Executive Resume Checklist
by Jean Cummings - Dec, 2013
Be sure your resume meets all these criteria so that you can stand out in a competitive field of applicants. Your career brand and your value proposition 1. The reader can grasp a "reason to hire you" inside of 3 seconds. 2. The recruiter or hiring authority can get a sense of your career brand, that is, what makes you YOU professionally and distinguishes your from the competition. 3. The recruiter or hirin...
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