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  The Best Job Seeking LinkedIn Applications
by Joshua Waldman - Jun, 2010
Use Them, They’re Free During my LinkedIn profile audits, one of the first questions I answer is if the job seeker uses a LinkedIn Application or not. The applications on Linkedin are probably one of the best personal branding tools you have. Without the colors of your most recent book, or the wisdom of your most recent blog post, your profile looks awfully similar to the 50 million others. What’s even better is that...
  How to Organize Your Contact Network for Success
by Andy Robinson - Jun, 2010
All to often I find that my coaching clients, faced with an impending job change -- voluntary or involuntary -- realize very quickly that their contact network is "stale" and rather shallow. It is MUCH easier to maintain and nourish your network on an ongoing basis rather than play "catch-up" when you find yourself in need of help from others. Your network of business, professional and personal contacts is the most valuable...
  The Amputated Resume: Is Yours Missing Critical Details That Can Get You Hired?
by Laura Smith-Proulx - Jun, 2010
I’ve seen an alarming trend among self-written resumes lately, where job hunters are positioning themselves for promotion, but have failed to include any information that substantiates their placement at this level. If you’ve decided that it’s time for the next step up in your career, it’s a good idea to use prominent wording and a resume title that clearly shows your intent. But if you forgot to include supporting detai...
  Your Phone in the Jobsearch
by Julie Walraven - Jun, 2010
The telephone has always played an important role in the job search but since cell phones have changed the rules somewhat, let’s revisit how to best use your phone in the job search. Q: Should I put my cell phone number on the resume? In today’s world, you need your cell phone on the resume. Most business calls are returned during daytime hours. You need a number that a hiring manager can easily access during the day. If y...
  Dealing With Inappropriate Interview Questions
by Harry Urschel - Jun, 2010
In your job search, if you are interviewing regularly, it’s highly likely that sooner or later you will be asked a question that may seem inappropriate or legally dubious. How you view that question, and how you respond will very likely have a great impact on your success. I recently had someone in my job search class tell me about an interview he had at a small company. The hiring manager asked what year he graduated...
  Whose Job Is It Anyway? Set Boundaries. Create Accountabiity.
by Dawn Lennon - Jun, 2010
I loved that TV game show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” emceed by Drew Carey from 1998-2006, featuring masterful comedy improv artists like Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady. In each episode, the performers were given surprise, off-the-wall situations to enact, making up dialogue off the top of their heads. They had to take on peculiar roles and follow weird rules. The pace was frenetic. Their creative antics were...
  Five Reasons to Get a Career Tune-Up Today!
by Sharon Cohen - Jun, 2010
How do I know if I need a Career Tune up? • Are you currently dealing with change? • Do you lack a career focus? • Are you considering alternative, career options? • Do you plan to job search? • Are you currently looking for a new job? If you answered yes, to any of these questions you could benefit from a career tune-up. Most clients do not need long-term, career counseling which can drag on for months or even yea...
  Résumé Tips For Career Change
by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky - Jun, 2010
Looking for work can be difficult in the best of times… These are not the best of times. Advice about résumé writing abounds and experts offer astoundingly different opinions. How is a job seeker to know which advice to follow? The bottom line: No one way is the right way for everyone. For the job seeker, it is best to read as much as you can about how to write a résumé and how to job search. If you are looking for wor...
  Getting rehired by the company that laid you off
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jun, 2010
As the economy starts to slowly get back on its feet, companies are also slowly starting to rehire. You loved your old job and would like nothing more than to be rehired by your former employer. How to get back on the short list when your company starts hiring again? Here are a few tips: Here’s the good news: You’re well-positioned to be a top contender for a shot back in the door at your former employer. After all, yo...
  The New Rules on Blackberries
by Suzanne Bates - Jun, 2010
I really don’t want to write this article. You know, the one on the use of Blackberries in meetings. Shellie, our business manager, is making me do it. I don’t want to write this because I don’t have all the answers. But Shellie is right. If the business world doesn’t get a handle on this insidious, pervasive, focus-sucking problem; we’re all going to go just a tiny bit crazy. goes. If your company, your...
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