GetHired!™ Guide Chapter 5 - Advanced Resume Writing

by GetHired!™ Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Having proper format, length and style in your resume is a good first step in having a resume that can get you hired. For great results, you’ll need to take your resume to the next level. This process will take some work and may be frustrating as you search for the right words or the best way to frame certain experience. Rest assured, it will be worth it!

We’ve covered the format, sections, and styles in the Basic Resume Writing chapter, so let’s assume that you’re solid in those areas. The advanced resume is all about substance and little about style.

The first step in getting started is a psychological one. You need to think like a marketer – a good marketer – to get yourself hired. The “product” that you are marketing is yourself! The problem with many job seekers is they fail to take the employer’s perspective into account.

Organizations hire for two reasons:

  • To solve a problem
  • To capitalize on an opportunity

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